MyPentas sasar sejuta tontonan Asia Tenggara

Menyasarkan sejuta tontonan setiap bulan, MyPentas menjadi penstriman Over The Top (OTT) dalam talian pertama di Malaysia dan Asia Tenggara membantu penggiat muzik menjana pendapatan. Dibangunkan syarikat usahawan teknologi Malaysia, Twenty30 Digital Sdn Bhd, MyPentas yang beroperasi sejak 10 bulan lalu sudah mengumpulkan 100 video membabitkan penyanyi dan pemuzik tempatan. Nyata, era digital mengubah hala […]

MyPentas offers revenue opportunity for local artists

MALAYSIA’S first over-the-top (OTT) platform MyPentas is collaborating with local artists and brands for its “Monetise with MyPentas 2022” campaign. MyPentas aims to generate revenue for Malaysian artists by monetising their videos on its platform. The campaign also serves as a call for brands, government-linked companies (GLCs), and government agencies to boost Malaysia’s culture economy […]

MyPentas digital platform to help artistes generate income

Malaysian arts streaming platform MyPentas recently introduced its 2022 content and partnership plan, dubbed “Monetise with MyPentas 2022” for the benefit of local arts practitioners and entertainment ecosystem players. A statement from MyPentas explained that its main goal was to generate revenue for Malaysian artistes from the music, comedy, dance and theatre communities via the […]

Stage is set for new arts streaming service MyPentas

MyPentas, a new digital arts streaming platform, is set to fill up gaps in the Malaysian performing arts industry’s road to recovery as it slowly opens up with live shows. Developed by KL-based digital company Twenty30Digital, MyPentas aims to be the “+flix” for the theatre and performing arts community spanning music, comedy, and dance genres with […]